Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but some days, it’s just too early… and sober. That’s why we love brunch! It’s everything we love about breakfast and lunch, with the perfect weekend flair. Since we can’t thank the inventor of brunch – Guy Beringer, who first pitched the idea in 1895 – we’ll simply spread the love by offering amazing brunch options ever Sunday in Lake Ivanhoe Village. Keep reading to learn why brunch is the best, and stir up your weekend plans by stopping by STIR Restaurant and Bar!

Sleeping In

We love breakfast, but does it have to be so early in the morning? It’s the weekend, and you should act like it by choosing brunch, the clearly superior meal. You can sleep in, recover from Saturday shenanigans or a Netflix marathon, and still enjoy all your favorite breakfast foods!

Bottomless Mimosas

Do we really need to explain why bottomless mimosas are a bonus? We will anyway. Mimosas are delicious — it’s a cocktail approved for day drinking, even for those of us who aren’t 21 any more. Morning champagne is truly the best way to start a Sunday, and it’s got orange juice in it, so it’s healthy, right?

Delicious Food

Pancakes… burgers… you don’t have to choose when it comes to brunch! Everyone can have exactly what they’re craving. You don’t have to choose between sweet and savory. Plus, some of your favorite dishes are just made for the glorious meal of brunch. Chicken and waffles, anyone? You can get that sugar spike to wake you up, as well as a few fried foods to settle rumbling stomach. Brunch is two meals rolled into one, which means you can also have seconds without regrets — or thirds.

Time with Friends

Brunch is the perfect time to get together with your favorite people and just spend time together over a few delicious drinks and delectable dishes. Maybe you need to dish about the crazy Saturday night you had, or maybe you just want to make time to check in with each other and relax before another hectic week. Having both breakfast and lunch dishes available makes it even easier, because even your picky friends can find something they want!

The Perfect Weekend Ending

No matter what your Saturday looked like, whether it was full of errands, parties, or a late night filled with just one too many episodes of your favorite heart-wrenching TV show, Sunday is your day to recover. Take the time to breathe, enjoy the Florida weather, and unwind before you head into another crazy week. It may be the first time you’ve stepped out of your house this weekend, or the first time you’ve had time to sit and relax, but no matter what, you won’t regret spending the morning at STIR Restaurant and Bar.

Here in beautiful Lake Ivanhoe Village, STIR offers amazing food and drinks just feet from the shores of Lake Ivanhoe itself. We pride ourselves on providing fine dining without charging you an arm and a leg, and creating an inviting atmosphere that will bring you, your friends, and your family back again and again. Join us for Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas or try our full range of chef-inspired recipes and craft cocktails by making reservations for dinner! We can’t wait to help you STIR it up.